Two of cups – Tarot card Meaning

Two of Cups Tarot card

The Two of Cups is the second card in the Cups suit. Two two of cups shows a man and woman staring into each others eyes, gaze fixed over two large cups. The duality symbolism is clear; male and female on opposite ends of the card. The winged staff of the caduceus represents a mythic chimera; possibly something is amiss or unknown.

The Two of Cups in a sentence

The Two of Cups represents partnership and cooperation.

The Two of Cups in a time based position

Past – The Two of Cups in the Past position highlights past relationships and how they have affected your life. Reflect on your past romantic relationships and long lasting friendships to see if there are any lessons that need to be learned.

Present – The Two of Cups in the present position means a new, good relationship may start. Look at ‘Romance’ and ‘Friends’ below. You never know what a relationship or friendship is going to be like when it starts. You could meet your soul mate any time soon.

Future – The Two of Cups in the future position suggests that you should look to your existing friendships and relationships for inspiration in the future. You know these people well, and nobody gets anywhere alone.

The Two of Cups in regards to life issues

Work / Education – The Two of Cups in regards to work or education means that a partnership or team project is going to go well. Look to connect on a more personal level with your co-workers because you might find some interesting interests you share.

Romance – The Two of Cups in romance is a good sign for an already established relationship. You should be in a plateau; just relax and be yourself. Don’t force anything.

Friends – The Two of Cups in regards to friendship is a good sign that your friendships are strong and a balanced part of your life. Try not to stress things or make plans, but be around and available.

Money – The Two of Cups in regards to finances suggests an equilibrium. Money is coming in and going out. Saving might be difficult now, but try to put some aside for the future.

Health – The Two of Cups might suggest that you need a second opinion about a problem you’re facing. Somebody may also confide in you about a particular ailment they have been secretly suffering from.

Spirituality and Mentality – The Two of Cups in spirituality can mean that you’re feeling comfortable and aware of the current state of your life. Try to give more than you receive and help more than you wish to be helped.

Numerology of The Two of Cups

Two represents duality, partnership and sharing. All twos symbolise this. The Two of Cups in a numerological sense may reflect that your life is currently quite balanced, although if you are looking to improve it, there is always a way. You will need to share the next stage of your life with somebody, this isn’t something you should do alone. There is likely somebody looking for you, possibly someone you used to know in your past whom you need to seek out. If you have a lots of Twos in a reading, it is a strong indication that your life in general is going to be okay, things could be better, they could be much worse.

Keywords for the Two of Cups

Connection, marriage, harmony, truce

Other associations of The Two of Cups

Element: Water

As a Yes or No question: Yes

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