Life aspects

tarot life aspects


Card descriptions on easily tie into the life aspects spread, as each card has a ‘life issues’ section which correlates directly. When someone comes to you, or if you’re doing this for yourself, start with a clear mind and shuffle the deck. Draw six cards and place them face down in front of you. Turn over the top leftmost card. This is card 1. Then follow the top row, and then the bottom row in the same fashion.

Card 1 tells the story of work, education and career.

Card 2 relates to romantic relationships, love and warm feelings.

Card 3 shows your friendships.

Card 4 tells you about money and finances

Card 5 gives you insight into health and mental well-being

Card 6 lets you know about spiritual matters

Once you’ve placed the cards, look up their meanings from either the major arcana, swords, cups, pentacles or wands.

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