Spring clean

tarot spring spread

Spring is a time for renewal and beginnings, however there is no need to wait for the start of Spring to reinvent yourself. We reinvent ourselves in many ways; new hobbies, new clothes, new hair styles, a new job or house, a new circle of friends or a new way of thinking or lifestyle choice. We change every day in small amounts and sometimes change isn’t for the best.

Lots of us wait until the first day of the week, the first day of a month, but it doesn’t matter, if you wanted to, you could start now. This spring clean spread should help you find out what changes you should look for and where you should find them.

This is a simple spread. Shuffle your deck and take a moment to prepare yourself. Start by placing one card on it’s side. This card represents some aspect of your life that you should strongly consider removing. To aid this; place three cards on top of it. These three cards should give you inspiration for new directions in life; the left most is a short term change, the middle is a long term change, and then right most is a lifetime goal.

Think about the cards for a few days as the answers may not seem obvious at all at first.

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