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Are you passionate about Tarot, perhaps you have your own website or book you’d like to talk about? Tarot-Explained is currently accepting guest articles // sponsored posts. We accept articles for most topics about Tarot and related divination, as long as the topic hasn’t been covered here before to the same level of detail. Please see the requirements and benefits below if you’re interested.

If you have any questions at all about writing a guest post, please get in touch, we’re very friendly! We can supply a media pack with relevant statistics and offer you a quote based on your needs.

Article guidelines

If you’d like to submit a post, please read the following guidelines on what to expect with the process.

  • Articles should be written in English.
  • Be in a raw text form, or if an infographic, come in a web-ready image format
  • Articles should be between 800-1200 words. More words than this can be broken down into a syndicated series on discussion.
  • Each article should have at least one accompanying image.
  • All images and writing must be of your own creation, for images royalty-free/copyright-free images are allowed
  • All writing must be unique to the article you are submitting
  • The article should have value to a user and not be a blatant advert for your product or service

Tarot-Explained will do the following:

  • Allow backlinks to your website/store
  • Post the article at a time of your choosing, we can discuss analytics if you like, in the ‘News’ part of the website
  • Host the article indefinitely until you tell us to stop
  • Post the article across all Tarot-Explained social media as well as promote it on the sidebar on the website

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