Knight of Swords

Tarot card - The Knight of Swords

The Knight of Swords is the 12th card in the suit of Swords. A slightly more positive card, especially relative to the other cards in the swords suit so far. You should expect better things to happen when you see it, especially any news regarding a younger male you might know. Expect to receive good ideas if you’re stuck, or other good unexpected news.

The Knight of Swords in a sentence

The Knight of Swords represents the unexpected, logical thinking and ruthlessness.

The Knight of Swords in a time based position

Past – The Knight of Swords in the Past position can represent a history of working to the numbers and being clear cut. You might have worked in an authoritative job or otherwise been in charge of people. If you’re still doing this, consider if it’s the right choice; you may have outstayed your welcome both for the people you work with and your own personal growth.

Present – The Knight of Swords in the present position means you’ll soon be offered a chance to change your life. The key is that the actual offer might seem small, but the reward will be greater than current imagination. It’s suggested that you take the offer, no matter how small. Life opens up to us when we say yes to things, but doors close when we say no.

Future – The Knight of Swords in the future position suggests that the near future will be structured and methodical. If this is what you want, stick to the plans you’ve set out. Sometimes, people can ask things of us that disrupt what we want to do, but it’s usually better to help others over yourself first. Plans should be changeable too, you can plan your life but you can’t control it.

The Knight of Swords in regards to life issues

Work / Education – The Knight of Swords in regards to work strongly suggests promotion or positive change. It might not be exactly in the area you’re after, but it’ll be better than your current position and a step up. With education, you should look to work with people who you consider to be smarter than yourself. As well as forming a strong bond, they can open up to you and help you help yourself.

Romance – The Knight of Swords in romance is mixed; love is an emotion, but the Knight of Swords is a methodical card. You can apply this to an existing relationship; work out what your partner wants and take steps to achieving this, if you have the same mindset. Don’t fake emotion if prompted, sometimes we just need to switch off for a while and concentrate on things outside a relationship. Knights are an especially good sign if you’re single and looking.

Friends – The Knight of Swords in regards to friendship could mean that there are a few small problems or bits of harmful gossip that are circulating your circle of friends. They’re just little things, but it might be worth taking care of them now, especially if it’s related to something you’ve done. Don’t slack when it comes to your friends, be honest with them if they ask a favour of you.

Money – The Knight of Swords in regards to money is a good sign; you may be hit with some good news; likely that you’ve overpaid and are owed money, or possibly something as lucky as a lottery win. Be logical with your winnings, money we didn’t know we had can be put to better use than instant spending or something lavish.

Health – Don’t go overboard. You’re not superman! If you’re looking for a new way to improve your health, consider something a bit out there and different as an active hobby. Mentally, your mind might be racing right now, and life may be busy. You should always find time when needed to calm down and gather your thoughts.

Spirituality and Mentality – The Knight of Swords is a solitary card; you should be practising spirituality alone. The best part of this is that you can’t get embarrassed if there is anything involved that you’re uncomfortable with, and you can also learn alone and introduce this to other people. Be the pioneer!

The Knight of Swords in Reverse

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Element: Air

As a Yes or No question: Yes

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