Nine of Swords Tarot Card Meanings

Nine of Swords

The Nine of Swords is the ninth card in the suit of Swords. A largely negative card, the illustration shows a man awakening from a nightmare, filled with grief. Nine swords are suspended on the wall at his bedside. His blanket is a patchwork quilt of red roses and zodiacal symbols. The Nine of Swords is widely regarded as a ‘bad’ card to draw, but take your whole reading into account when you interpret it.

Nine of Swords in a sentence

The Nine of Swords represents fear, grief, and paranoia.

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Nine of Swords in a time-based position

Past – Stress and worry are a large part of your recent past. Life may have gone through a shift that you’re just recovering from. It might have been extremely eventful and traumatic. Don’t assume that future interactions will have the same outcome as they have had in the past. Life isn’t set, but dynamic, and things changed over time.

Present – The Nine of Swords in the present position is not a good sign. If you’re not already suffering, expect something seemingly bad to happen. You’ll feel simultaneously under pressure and out of control. Prepare yourself and you’ll be able to weaken the blow. Life is always full of trials, however, and you can make it through, even if it keeps you up all night. Be aware that you’ll eventually overcome your issues.

Future – The Nine of Swords in the future position suggests a life of worry and anguish if you continue down your current path. Try to identify aspects of your life which may be holding you back or making your life seem more negative. Nobody wants to be unhappy. If you’re doing something right now that you’re not enjoying, don’t hesitate to give your life a bit of thought. Is this a good idea, will it really pay off?

The Nine of Swords in regards to life issues

Work / Education – The Nine of Swords reminds you to let go. We all worry about upcoming exams or new changes at work. Worrying doesn’t help us at all. Everyone goes through these things. What have you overcome in the past? Everyone worries, but eventually, we overcome. Ask somebody for their opinion on the matter; if you share your feelings, the burden is spread also.

Romance – Don’t suffer in silence if something is bothering you in a relationship. It might just be nothing, but through miscommunication, it has been blown out of proportion. Recent infatuations may have happened, but don’t be rash and act on them as soon as you can; give it some time. If you are single, then don’t worry about being single forever. This is a common worry for some, but you should find reassurance that this period will come to an end.

Friends – The Nine of Swords in regards to friendship can relate to an ongoing event that you’d rather be far away from. There might be an argument or rift in your friendship circle, or maybe you’re being accused of something that you may or may not have committed. It’s quite simple; if you did something, then own up to it. They are your friends. If you didn’t do something and they persist at accusation, then simply argue your side, and if need be, walk away. Everyone gets their comeuppance.

Money – The Nine of Swords with money can mean you’re worried about your current situation. It might be completely unthinkable at how much trouble you’re in and you might have glazed it over. Can you keep living your current lifestyle forever? What can you change? Are you trying to impress but don’t have the means to? You’re going to reach a point, and this may be it, where you consider whether it has all been worth it. Some of us keep up appearances, but more often than not it is best to drop them and live life how you want to.

Health – The Nine of Swords really highlights any stress and worry you’re currently experiencing. If you can, take steps to deal with your problems. Break them down into manageable parts and deal with each part one at a time. The real struggle is when we let our fears overcome us. Don’t suffer in silence by any means. If you’re worried about your health in regards to something you’ve recently done; understand that worrying won’t change anything; you have to apply action.

Spirituality and Mentality – The Nine of Swords in spirituality should remind you to calm down and stop over thinking every aspect of your life. If you’re overthinking past mistakes then you’ll be running in circles in your head, working out different outcomes that never came to be. If you think about something for too long, you’ll find a fault in it. Perfection is only a concept and cannot be attained in real life.

The Nine of Swords in Reverse

Don’t ignore problems in your life. If something traumatic has happened to you, then you will need to face it head-on. This might lead to a long, tough stressful period of your life, but it is only through hardship that we grow as people. There often isn’t a lot of choice when it comes to how you feel about something; emotions usually come thick and fast and then change slowly over time as we recover. Expect hardship, regrets and troubling inner thoughts in the near future. Do not isolate yourself, go to people you trust and try to solve these problems with them.

Numerology of The Nine of Swords

Nine represents completion and resolution. The Nine of Swords in regards to numerology may mean that your grief is going to end soon. This is surely a good sign, particularly if you are in mourning or deep regret. Many nines in a reading suggest that your current situation is coming to an end, and a new cycle is just around the corner.

Keywords for the Nine of Swords

Sleepless nights, regret, trauma, anxiety, depression

Other associations of The Nine of Swords

Element: Air

As a Yes or No question: No

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