Six of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

Six of Swords

The Six of Swords is the sixth card in the suit of Swords. A more positive card than the most recent cards in the Swords suit; the worst is likely over and you’re ready for some change and growth in life.

Six of Swords in a sentence

The Six of Swords represents travel, recovery and responsible change.

Six of Swords in a time based position

Past – The Six of Swords in the Past position can represent a period of conflict in the past that you managed to overcome or escape from. It can also represent somebody who has ‘saved’ you from a period of your life when you felt like you were stuck in a rut. You’re out now, and life has improved since.

Present – The Six of Swords in the present position can suggest that your life is on the up. Present burdens will soon be gone. You won’t be running away from your problems, but merely understanding that they no longer need to affect your life. You’re going to grow and you’ll realise later how far you have come.

Future – The Six of Swords in the future position is extremely reassuring. It shows that no matter what, you will overcome future problems. This is a given, you might think, you’re still here despite facing many issues The six of swords in the future position should give you reassurance – no matter what happens you will persevere.

The Six of Swords in regards to life issues

Work / Education – The Six of Swords in regards to work or education should remind you to look into what you want in life. If your current job right for you? Do you have any alternatives? It may be worth considering all of your paths. Don’t feel like you’re ‘losing’ if your current job is feeling a bit lacklustre. It may be the universe telling you to move on. Others may be feeling the same. If you know who they are, talk to them, you might be able to strike out on your own.

Romance – The Six of Swords in romance can mean that your current relationship is naturally coming to an end. Talk to your partner and see if there is still a spark. You know inside yourself if it is right for you. Tarot should always exist to give you a second opinion of your current situation, so take all viewpoints into account. Don’t act rashly, be gentle and understanding. It could also mean that your partner feels the same way. Either way, there may be something you can solve, or it may be in your mutual interests to stop.

Friends – The Six of Swords in regards to friendship can suggest that you need some time to grow as a person. At an extreme; consider that you don’t choose your family, but you do choose your friends. You don’t ‘need’ to be friends with people for any reason. Sometimes no friends are better than bad friends. If you’re not enjoying your current friendships, then let them phase out; there’s no need to be rude about it. Sometimes, friends do things that we can’t forgive even if we try. In this case it is definitely best to leave them be.

Money – The Six of Swords in regards to money is a good sign. You’re likely out of the worst of any money troubles. If you’ve bought sometimes expensive recently, don’t worry about it, because you can absorb that cost. Likewise; if you’re about to buy something, don’t worry about the price. You will adapt to the amount of money you possess.

Health – The Six of Swords is a good general sign when placed for health. ‘The worst is behind you’ shines through here. You might have just gone through something emotionally taxing. Remember that it will weigh on your mind for some time and it’s best not to ignore it. We feel bad when we should feel bad, so embrace the emotion. Mentally, you should make sure you’re not burdened with things that are not your problems. Sometimes we involve ourselves in things that make us stressed for no reason. Learn to walk away when things don’t affect you or those you care about.

Spirituality and Mentality – The Six of Swords in spirituality can suggest you need a change of pace. Are you currently practising a religion? Try to look into alternatives, or at the very least talk to people to see how they fit their spirituality into their life. Another, more view with a bit more impact would be that maybe your current path isn’t right for you. Have you thought about it? Don’t stick with a spiritual framework just because you were brought up that way. You are free.

The Six of Swords in Reverse

Whereas upright, the Six of Swords can represent personal growth and change, when reversed it takes on an opposite effect. You may be feeling stuck in the past, holding onto emotional baggage and not working on ways to heal yourself. You’re likely resisting the natural will of the universe; either you’re too scared, or you’re not seeing a bright future for yourself. You need to remember that life will keep moving on whether you want it to or not, and while time will heal many wounds, we need to help ourselves deal with life too. Helping yourself will allow others to join in, accelerating the healing process. You shouldn’t feel you are disrespecting the past by trying to move on.

Numerology of the Six of Swords

Six represents balance, sympathy and trust. Six is well known in occult tradition and spirituality; the Hexagram being a well known display of six. The Six of Swords in regards to numerology shows that you can overcome your difficulties through your actions. You may have to make the final step to resolve that conflict inside. If you have many sixes in a reading, it may mean that you’ve just gotten over a major event of your life and are nearing the recovery phase.

Keywords for the Six of Swords

Transition, travel, change, personal growth

Other associations of the Six of Swords


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