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If you’ve been browsing on a mobile device recently, you may have seen a few new features. The menu has been optimised for mobile view. The header has two menus, a ‘Quick reference’ menu, and the regular ‘Full site’ menu. I find it much easier to navigate Tarot-Explained when I’m on my phone now! There’s also a button when you first load the site, which looks like a small phone. If you tap this, it will let you add Tarot-Explained to your phone home screen for easy access.

I hope these small updates enhance your experience with using If you experience any problems, please send us an email from our Contact Page

Reverse meanings

upside down tarot cards

I recently received an email asking why Tarot-Explained doesn’t have any definitions for reverse meanings; that is to say, cards that are upside down when dealt. There are a few meanings for this, and this isn’t a technique I practice when I read tarot.

Firstly, Tarot cards have been given specific meanings, there are already cards that can mean opposites. If you were meant to get a negative meaning but you drew a positive card upside down, surely you should have drawn a negative card in the first place?

Secondly, Tarot cards and playing cards have a lot of similarities. We never read playing cards upside down, as there is no upside down for them. Some Tarot decks also do not have an illustration, and therefore cannot have a reverse meaning.

Finally, I shuffle my cards in a very thoughtless way. I don’t want to introduce thought into shuffling cards, I want it to be a random approach. Introducing any sort of consciousness into the process just doesn’t feel right, for me!

That isn’t to say there is no merit to reverse meanings. As a general rule, any card meanings can be read as the opposite when the card is drawn reverse. If it feels right to you, then read your cards with reverse meanings!


Site Update – New cycle

Tarot card - The Fool Major Arcana Reversed

It’s time to go over the site and update, fix problems and tinker. Maintaining a website such as this requires constant updating, refreshing and fixing. Over the coming weeks we’ll be adding to each card page, updating the spreads and adding new features to make even better than before. It’s unlikely that there will be any downtime, but if there is any, it’ll only be for a very short while!

This round of updates is to make sure that the current definitions of each card and spread are as good as they can be, before new content is added.

News and a New Spread – 12 Month

tarot year

Have you wondered what the next year might bring? A new spread has been added; a 12 month Spread. Now that it’s coming up to the end of the year, it’s a perfect time to think about what the next year will bring for you.

There are also some other exciting features for Tarot-Explained in the new year. January 1st is the celebration of our second birthday, and with this comes a review and update of the card meanings. Recently, we added a numerology section to each card, and more card meanings will be added over the next year.

Have a happy holiday season everybody.

Happy Birthday!

tarot single card spread turns 1 today! In the past year, we added definitions for each tarot card, and just started defining spreads.

In the coming year, the site is going to be refined for an easier browsing experience, and each card meaning will be reviewed. New spreads will also be added, as well as some great new features.

Its been good, and I hope that this time next year I’ll be posting a similar message.




You can now comment on any article with any information, insights or any comments at all. There’s still a bit of work to be done with the site but any discussion is welcome and encouraged.

Kind regards