Tree of life tarot spread

tarot tree of life


This spread draws inspiration from the Sephirot of the Kabbalistic tree of life. This is an introspective card. The tree of life is used as a tool to understand the relationships between all things and how they relate to us.  This particular spread represents you and your worldly goals.  Start with a clear mind and shuffle the deck. Draw ten cards and place them face down in front of you in the order of the diagram. If you’re unsure of the card meanings, take a look at our Card meanings for quick and helpful reference and interpretations

The cards represent the following.

  1. This will be your highest ideal, goal and ideal attainment
  2. This will be your driving force, sometimes an event or person.
  3. This card represents what will will aid you in life.
  4. This card represents all which you hold dear and sacred.
  5. This represents the impact you will have on others while journeying to attain your goal
  6. This represents your physical state in regards to health and how you affect others
  7. This represents influential people you will meet, lovers and great friends
  8. This represents a good a career or pursuit for you which you will find fulfilling
  9. This represents the you that you do not know; hidden desires and currently locked potential
  10. This card represents your physical self and the world around you.

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