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Welcome to Tarot-Explained.com! Here at Tarot-Explained we have detailed interpretations of every tarot card, we go through their meanings and how they affect you if you draw them in one of your readings! If you’re interested in tarot  then you’ve come to the right place. Everything here is completely free. Get started now by looking at the tarot meanings of the Major Arcana, learn about the other tarot decks, how to read them or perhaps try one of our personalised tarot card readings!  Here are all the things you can enjoy!

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I hope you enjoy your time at Tarot-Explained.com, and I sincerely hope the site helps you on your journey.

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Top 5 Tarot Questions Answered

We’ll run down the top 5 most commonly asked topics when it comes to tarot. From love to relationships or whether your grieving a loved one, a tarot reader can help you find answers.

What Is Tarot?

Tarot is a complex form of divination. The reader uses the 78 tarot cards to decode the message presented; be it the future, the past, or life choices. These 78 cards are made up of The Major Arcana and four tarot decks from the Minor Arcana - Cups, Swords, Wands, and Pentacles. There are many ways to interpret Tarot cards. As well as this, there are many spreads (ways to lay the cards), which can deal with all sorts of different situations. Tarot is both an eclectic and deep system of divination. Tarot-Explained.com will teach you all about Tarot, so if you’re just getting started, then this is the perfect place!

How To Read Tarot Cards?

Anyone can learn the to read the Tarot and apply it to their life. Although, even though this is the case, it doesn't mean that all of us can be good at reading the cards. The type of tarot reading can depend on a few things, one of which is the level of clairvoyance of the reader, and his or her own preferred way of reading. So, if you have not developed your powers of extrasensory perception, your interpretation could well be rather different from one done by an experienced psychic.

How To Do A Tarot Reading?

There is no right or wrong way, to practice divination from Tarot. There are established ways and certain universal rules that you can take and apply to your own readings. So, if you want to start now, shuffle your cards, place a card each into the past, present and future positions, then look up their meanings in the card meanings section. That’s a quick simple spread. You should first look into what the cards mean, and then how they connect with each other. Use our resources here at Tarot-explained.com to guide you through your tarot journey.

How Many Cards In A Tarot Deck?

There are 78 cards in a tarot deck. The first 22 cards in the Major Arcana tarot deck. This is separate from the Minor Arcana which makes up the remaining 56 cards and consists of four suits: cups, pentacles (sometimes known as coins), wands and swords.

How Do I Get a Tarot Reading?

There are numerous free psychic sites online that you can go to for a tarot reading. Although, if you want to guarantee a professional and insightful reading, you should stick to trusted and reliable free psychic websites, such as Psychic Source, Keen, or Kasamba.


To get your free tarot reading simply follow the link to one of these websites, sign up, choose your reader and pose your questions.
  1. Go to our verified Psychic site, PsychicSource.com.
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