Suit of Pentacles

Tarot card - The Ace of Pentacles

Pentacles are a well known occult symbol with many meanings, these can range from Satanic worship to use in Wiccan belief, and it’s also seen in some major religions. Pentacles in a tarot reading represent wealth, and their element is ‘Earth’. Pentacles deal with materialism and wealth, personal possessions and income. As a whole, Pentacles represent more than the wealth you possess, but your capacity for earning and taking care of yourself on this plane of existence. If you see a lot of Pentacles in a reading, it means the reading is very ‘grounded’ in the here and now and deals with issues that can be fixed. The spread may deal with life goals, financial obstacles and desire.

Pents01I – Ace of Pentacles

Pents02II – Two of Pentacles

Pents03III – Three of Pentacles

Pents04IV – Four of Pentacles

Pents05V – Five of Pentacles

Pents06VI – Six of Pentacles

Pents07VII – Seven of Pentacles

Pents08VIII – Eight of Pentacles

9 of PentaclesIX – Nine of Pentacles

Pents10X – Ten of Pentacles

Pents11XI – Page of Pentacles

Pents12XII – Knight of Pentacles

Pents13XIII – Queen of Pentacles

Pents14XIV – King of Pentacles

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