Suit of Swords

Tarot card - The Ace of Swords

Swords mainly represent the mind and personal thought. Swords look deep into the psyche. The element of Swords is ‘air’. Swords can remind us of our personal challenges. We all have our own goals and fears that we need to accomplish and overcome, and these are frequently represented within the Swords suit. Swords can also be associated with conflict; it’s rare that everyone can always get what they are working towards. Swords can also represent the conscious intellect and how you perceives situations logically, as opposed to emotional feeling.

I – Ace of Swords

II – Two of Swords

III – Three of Swords

IV – Four of Swords

V – Five of Swords

VI – Six of Swords

VII – Seven of Swords

VIII – Eight of Swords

IX – Nine of Swords

X – Ten of Swords

XI – Page of Swords

XII – Knight of Swords

XIII – Queen of Swords

XIV – King of Swords


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