Suit of Wands Tarot Cards Explained

Wands (also known as rods or staves in some Tarot decks) are prevalent in magical and occult lore. A magician will frequently wave a wand to make something happen, witches and wizards are seen using wands to conjure spells. A wand in this respect is a tool to redirect the will of the user, and the Tarot suit of Wands reflects this.  Wands represent will, intent and drive. They will show up in a spread that deals with energizing and motivation and can represent a great task that needs to be accomplished. Wands show us how we can affect the world and others around us if we desire.

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I – Ace of Wands

Wands01 Suit of Wands

II – Two of Wands


III – Three of Wands


IV – Four of Wands


V – Five of Wands


VI – Six of Wands


VII – Seven of Wands


VIII – Eight of Wands

9 of Wands

IX – Nine of Wands


X – Ten of Wands

Wands11 Suit of Wands

XI – Page of Wands

Wands12 Suit of Wands

XII – Knight of WandsWands12 Suit of Wands

XIII – Queen of Wands

Wands14 Suit of Wands

XIV – King of Wands


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