Ten of Swords

Tarot card - The Ten of Swords

The Ten of Swords is the tenth card in the suit of Swords. Running with the recent trend of the suit of swords; the Ten of Swords is not overly positive. The illustration somewhat backs this up; a man lying motionless on the ground with ten swords in his back. The Ten of Swords is regarded as the most destructive and grim card in the deck.

The Ten of Swords in a sentence

The Ten of Swords represents failure, destruction and hopelessness.

The Ten of Swords in a time based position

Past – The Ten of Swords in the Past position can relate to a past event or time in your life where everything went wrong. You were at complete rock bottom. Despite this, here you are. You’ve grown from the experience, and while it was something you’ll remember for your life, it’s help you grow as a person. Past lessons that led to it happening should be deeply ingrained in you so you don’t make the same mistakes again.

Present – The Ten of Swords in the present position means that something important to you is about to finish or end. It will change your life, and it’s likely something you do not want to see happen. Prepare for the worst, but remember once it happens, thing can get no worse, you can only go up.

Future – The Ten of Swords in the future position suggests that the current path you’re taking in life will lead to your destruction. You may have to re-evaluate where you’re headed and drastically change your lifestyle if you want to achieve your goals.

The Ten of Swords in regards to life issues

Work / Education – The Ten of Swords in regards to work or education can simply mean that whatever you’re doing now may come to an end. This can appear in many forms; graduating, quitting a job for another, getting fired. If you aren’t expecting a sudden change then it will be best to brace for it. If you’re expecting to leave, it might not go as smoothly as you’re hoping.

Romance – The Ten of Swords in romance can mean that your current situation is going to come to an end. The Ten of Swords for love is just plainly not a good sign. Take solace that this is how it is meant to be. If your relationship isn’t working then why continue? If you’re single, then don’t expect to get into a relationship if you’re looking, and if you do, don’t rush into it; it might not be what you want after all.

Friends – The Ten of Swords in regards to friendship can mean that the little arguments and disagreements that have been slowly manifesting in your friendship circle will erupt. Things will come to an end and people will leave. It may be unavoidable. With foreknowledge you can prepare yourself, but we can’t avoid pain all the time.

Money – The Ten of Swords in regards to finances should brace you for the worst. Try to be as careful as you can in the foreseeable future with money. You don’t want to place new-found trust in anybody or engage in anything without 100% certainty.

Health – The Ten of Swords is another bad sign. Expect the worst. Sometimes you need to be faced bluntly; simply stepping around the issue may have worked until now, but your situation may be worse than you initially thought.

Spirituality and Mentality –¬†The Ten of Swords placed in spirituality should remind you to try to break free of any preset bonds. Were you raised religious? It may not be the right path for you. you can be a new you if you want.

The Ten of Swords in Reverse

Numerology of the Ten of Swords

Ten is a special number in numerology. Like nine, it can mean completion, but it can also represent the number one, but on a higher level. Tens should be treated both as the end of a cycle and the start of the next. The Ten of Swords is not a positive card from the outlook, but in terms of time, it can mean that the hopeless times of the past are coming to an end. The start of the next cycle may be bumpy, but nothing is set in stone right now. Many tens strongly suggest that you will be turning to a new chapter in your life. If things aren’t feeling good right now, then don’t take it to mean that things will always be bad. Impermanence is the nature of the universe.

Keywords for the Ten of Swords

Other associations of The Ten of Swords

Element: Air

As a Yes or No question: No

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