Long term Crush Spread


Sometimes in life we feel like we need to be with someone, but something is holding us back. Love, or Lust, and life itself, they’re are hard to understand. This spread will help you see another view into your current pursuit. Shuffle the deck and place three cards in the fashion above.

The ‘Crush’ card represents the person you’re after. This will give you an insight into their personality, maybe something that you don’t yet know.

The ‘Obstacle’ might not even be known to you yet, in fact it may be something your crush is keeping secret, but it’s actively stopping you from getting together.

You are represented by the ‘You’ card. When you look at it, you might not see yourself, but this card shows you in pursuit of your crush. We can all change drastically when we’re after something or someone, so use it as a mirror to see how you can change yourself.

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