Loss Spread



Loss is something we all experience, and all cope with differently. We often feel loss unexpectedly, and it comes as a shock. This loss spread is designed to help you understand your concerns and worries. A rather simple spread, with only seven cards.

To perform the Loss spread, simply perform the following steps:

  1. Shuffle the deck throughly
  2. Place the top seven cards face down in the positions shown
  3. One by one, reveal the cards
  4. The card meanings are as follows:
    1. This card represents you, specifically you when you just found out about the cause of loss. Your initial concerns and solitary worries.
    2. This represents you, and how you investigate your own feelings while looking fora  direction
    3. This card represents someone who can give you the correct direction to move in
    4. This represents you, once you have confronted the cause of your loss, your thoughts and feelings, emotions and possible actions
    5. This card represents the gatekeeper to your future growth, someone who has been through this before
    6. This represents you, facing the cause of your loss alone, right now.
    7. This represents the cause of your loss, their thoughts and feelings. It overlaps your card, as it is currently overlapping your life


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