Queen of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

Queen of Wands

The Queen of Wands is the thirteenth card in the Wands suit. It’s likely to signify a positive, mature female influence in your life; especially someone with a good career, who is independent and honest. Without even reading the meanings, you might already have an idea of who it may be. She should be the sort of person to whom you could go for advice on any number of topics in life.

Queen of Wands in a sentence

The Queen of Wands represents independence, hard work, and empathy.

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Queen of Wands in a time-based position

Past – The Queen of Wands in the Past position can represent a warm loving upbringing and consistent support throughout your childhood. In addition,  it’s likely that your mother, or a mother figure, had a career, as well as providing for your upbringing. This has had an effect on your life, it’s possible that you’re more career driven because of this. It can also be that your childhood influence was unorthodox, but not wildly. You were able to consider other alternative ways of living and learning.

Present – The Queen of Wands in the present position has a few meanings. You might be in a career that you’re enjoying and working hard in, and the Queen of Wands can reassure you that you’re going to have the time, energy and money to work how you want to; comfortably and free of stress. It can also represent a feminine influence in your life, usually somebody you can go to for advice, but also someone who will need your input soon. When you go to somebody for advice, you should also be open to them coming back to you. Both of you can play the role of the caregiver.

Future – The Queen of Wands in the future can mean a cosy life in the future. Being open to the suggestions of others and not treating anything objective as ‘precious’ will lead you to work on and create great collaborations. If you haven’t already, work on setting a long term goal for your life, something you personally wish to achieve. It’s likely that this goal will have something to do with helping others with their problems; you might already have a solution to a problem and it just hasn’t occurred to you yet that this will greatly help others.

The Queen of Wands in regards to life issues

Work / Education – The Queen of Wands in regards to work or education is a good sign, it can mean you’ll be working hard, but enjoying it. If you’re studying, talk to your professor or lecturer in your free time. Contacts and links like that can help in many ways in the future. Look for a female influence that could help out your career, she may be able to give you a fresh new perspective on how to tackle problems and grow as a person.

Romance – The Queen of Wands in romance is a very good sign. The strong feminine energy can represent someone (either you, your partner or someone you’re after) that enjoys spending time at work. If you’re single; you might be receiving hints from someone, so if there are offers around or you’re getting subtle hints, take the initiative; it’ll help you grow as a person. The Queen of Wands is also quite well known to signify fertility.

Friends – The Queen of Pentacles in regards to friendship means things are going well. To state the obvious, you might make a new, female friend. If you don’t want to take things literally, you might meet somebody soon with a good career that you’re going to become friends with. Do you already know somebody like this? It could be a rewarding friendship that you’re currently missing out on. Look for older friends to make connections with, not only can you learn from their experience, but they can help you as they act as role models for your future self.

Money – The Queen of Wands in regards to finances is another good sign, and you should see your finances grow in the near future. Exercise moderation as usual. You should be working well, so make sure you’re earning your worth and not spending lavishly on things you don’t need. Others might come to you for advice on what gifts to buy for a certain someone, and you’l be able to point them in the right direction.

Health – The Queen of Wands echoes the mature nature of the card when health is concerned. It’s a case of knowing what is right for your body and mind, and then doing those things. You should be feeling well and balanced. It’s possible that there will be an upcoming pregnancy however, so if this is possible, then be sure to check as soon as you can. If it isn’t you, then expect a pregnancy that will likely affect you soon; a relative or a close friend perhaps.

Spirituality and Mentality – The Queen of Pentacles in spirituality means that now might be a good time to help and inspire others to work. Do you have any skills you can teach, especially work based ones that you can teach? Why not give it a try? Some may come to you and treat you as a mother figure, especially in regards to your area of expertise. You should treat them with respect and pass on your knowledge willingly.

The Queen of Wands in Reverse

Whereas upright, the Queen of Wands shows empathy, reversed, the Queen of Wands can represent an evil jealousy or insecurity that has taken over. You might feel as though you aren’t good enough, or that others are surpassing you. This happens in life, and we have to accept that others will grow and succeed independent of us. You might feel like your secrets and techniques should be guarded, but everybody benefits with everybody shares. You opening up might inspire others to do the same. In the long run, it is always best to be open and honest in life.

Keywords for the Queen of Wands

Charisma, success, confidence, goddess, courage

Other associations of The Queen of Wands

Element: Fire

As a Yes or No question: Yes

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