Seven of Wands Tarot Card Meanings

Seven of Wands

The Seven of Wands is the seventh card in the suit of Wands. A positive card in some respects; especially relating to contests or competitions. The Seven of Wands is closely related to your willpower, and meanings will change based on how determined you are in life. To find out what significance this card may have for you in a reading, speak to our free tarot professionals.

Seven of Wands in a sentence

The Seven of Wands represents Strength, Aggression, and Defiance.

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Seven of Wands in a time-based position

Past – The Seven of Wands in the Past position could mean that you’ve spent a lot of time, hard work and energy getting to where you are now, and it’s time to reap the rewards. You’ve had to push past and exceed others to get where you are now. It’s good to think how well you’ve done to get here, if you feel down, just think about your past journey. You might have been used to being the ‘best’ when you were younger, maybe you were the favourite child. Remember that things change in life and we cannot rest on our past successes.

Present – The Seven of Wands in the present position can mean there’s an upcoming period of competition or conflict. You can come out on top if you apply yourself and actually want to succeed. The Seven of Wands is especially good news if you’re applying for a job or place at a college; you’re likely to beat the competition there.

Future – The Seven of Wands in the future position suggests a long path of continued growth. Have you just started something new? Expect it to be an ever growing part of your life. This could be any aspect; a new job, relationship, hobby, friendship. Don’t feel as though the odds are stacked against you. If you’re overwhelmed, don’t get discouraged. Stop and try again.

The Seven of Wands in regards to life issues

Work / Education – The Seven of Wands in regards to work or education means that you need to try to make yourself stand out. Don’t hide away if your job is in danger, and likewise at school, try to ‘get your face around’ some people begin to recognise you more. As above, the Seven of Wands is good news if you are fighting for limited spaces, for example, a promotion or prestigious school placement. it’s likely that you will beat the others there.

Romance – The Seven of Wands in romance means that you are invested in some sort of strong relationship. This could be an established one, or even something like a long-term crush or possibly an obsession. It’s a big part of your life either way and its up to you what to do with it. In any circumstance, you should relax. The problems of today pale in the future, enough that we can even come to laugh about even the worst things. If you’re single and looking, it might be a good time to lay off the ‘hunt’, and put some more time into yourself. The more developed as a person you are, the more attractive you are to others.

Friends – The Seven of Wands in regards to friendship could suggest a great friendship, likely a best friend. If you’ve got something in mind, a big trip, or something you’re thinking about doing with this person, go and do it. There’s no time like the present, especially if you have the means set up to do so. A slow and steady growth with new people is also possible, be open to new friendships and opportunities.

Money – The Seven of Wands in regards to finances is an excellent sign. Considering the ‘investment’ interpretation of this card, expect a big, possibly overdue payout. Doing what you are already doing will benefit you in the future. It’s not a completely wild idea to try a lottery or competition either, if you’re into gambling. Just be sensible. If there is some conflict in money, perhaps even a legal issue, then you should feel reassured that justice will be served.

Health – The Seven of Wands suggests you are taking care of your body, mentally or physically, and it is paying off Well done, if this is the case. It would be even better if you did this with other people instead of yourself, because you’ll likely see yourself come out on top.

Spirituality and Mentality – The Seven of Wands in spirituality can mean that you’ve reached a plateau of thought. It might be a good idea to get out of your comfort zone, and in an extreme way. Find a fear you have and face it directly.

The Seven of Wands in Reverse

Sometimes we can keep fighting and fighting and get nowhere. Sometimes we just don’t have the strength to continue, whether this is because we can’t see how things are going to get better, or we simply don’t have the energy to go on. if you’re fighting a losing battle, then retreat is not a submissive concept. It is better to live, recover and fight again, than to lose everything simply due to pride. In reverse, the Seven of Wands represents your lack of will to continue with whatever situation in life is concerning you. Sometimes it is best to stop fighting.

Numerology of The Seven of Wands

Seven represents introspection and thought. The enneagram is a good representation of seven. The Seven of Wands in regards to numerology reminds you to think before you act. Someone might have wronged you recently and you are thinking about how to retaliate. Give it some time, you need to be sure. If it is a problem you cannot ignore, then try to solve the problem in the most peaceful and diplomatic way as possible. You might feel in the minority, but you still need to fight your corner. If you have many sevens in a reading, it could suggest the need to calm down and think about your situation, even if you feel the need to act now.

Keywords for the Seven of Wands

Courage, determination, opposition, vulnerability

Other associations of The Seven of Wands

Element: Fire

As a Yes or No question: Yes

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