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Tarot-Explained is now offering tarot readings. Many websites offer readings that are computer generated, but these are nothing in comparison to a reading from another person. Readings will be delivered within two days and always take precedence over a free reading. Premium readings use fiverr, a secure and trusted website for freelance jobs.

What does a Tarot reading include?

Readings are currently performed via fiverr, a secure website for small jobs, known as ‘gigs’. Everything is described on the gig page. We can discuss the questions afterwards via email response if you wish. As this is an early stage venture, there are only a limited number of slots open at this time. Readings are low cost, and simply help to pay for the website. To request a reading, follow this link: Get a reading.

Do you still offer free readings?

Tarot-Explained offered free readings in the past, but there were simply too many to be able to offer a good service on time. We now only offer paid readings on fiverr, though they are deliberately priced to be very cheap.


Things to be aware of when requesting a reading

  1. Tarot works best when it is directed at you. I will not perform a reading for somebody else at your request
  2. Tarot is best used as a source of advice, a different perspective
  3. Tarot readings are provided for entertainment purposes only
  4. All requests are deleted once replied to; no data is stored once a reply has been sent
  5. Legal, medical, financial and psychological issues are best dealt with professionally, and I will recommend this in the reading if I feel it is necessary
  6. All readings will be treated equally and with respect
  7. I will serve your best interests and give you an honest interpretation of the cards I draw
  8. Free readings will only answer one question per email; if there are multiple, then the first will be answered

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