Get a reading

If you’d like a reading, consider heading to our partners at Oranum, for a professional reading via a video call, email or text. 

Free readings are closed!

Please read the guidelines below before sending an email for a free reading. More detailed premium readings are coming soon.

What does a Tarot reading include?

A free reading will allow one question per email, answered as soon as possible on a first come, first served basis. You will received a written reply via email regarding the question, the tarot card, and a short description for the answer, as well as a helpful link to the card page on Tarot Explained. There is no limit to the amount of free readings you can request, the only limit is one question per email. Free readings get extremely busy so please allow some time for an answer.

Things to be aware of when requesting a reading

  1. Tarot works best when it is directed at you. I will not perform a reading for somebody else at your request
  2. Tarot is best used as a source of advice, a different perspective, rather than a definite instruction
  3. Tarot readings are provided for entertainment purposes only
  4. Legal, medical, financial and psychological issues are best dealt with professionally, and I will recommend this in the reading if I feel it is necessary
  5. All readings will be treated equally and with respect
  6. I will serve your best interests and give you an honest interpretation of the cards I draw
  7. Free readings will only answer one question per email; if there are multiple, then the first will be answered

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