tarot tree of life

A ‘spread’ is the most popular way to use tarot for divination. Tarot spreads are established, with universal meanings for certain placements. Many of them are well known; the Celtic cross is well known outside of tarot; but there are many spreads for many situations and aspects of your life. The cards on Tarot-explained.com all have extensive descriptions allowing you to interpret any card in any position, and the guides also go over the procedure to draw and lay out the cards in the correct order.

To perform a spread, first choose a guide below. When the cards have been laid out, do not change them. Look up their meanings from either the Major Arcana, Swords, Cups, Pentacles or Wands. It may help if you wrote a short paragraph about the spread and kept a reading diary. This will not only increase your ability to remember card meanings and interpret even further, but in future will allow you to look back on how you have grown and the challenges you have faced.


Simple spreads:

single_1Single card

pastfuturepresent_1Past, future and present

lifeaspects_1Life aspects

fivecard_1Five card spread

spread_tolKaballalistic tree of life

mindbodysoulspreadMind, body and Soul

crushspreadLong term Crush

jobsCareer choices

Spring Clean




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