Ace of cups – Tarot card Meaning

Ace of Cups Tarot card

The Ace of Cups is the first card in the suit of Cups. A largely positive card, you should expect good things to happen when you see it.

The Ace of Cups in a sentence

The Ace of Cups represents abundance, creativity, and strong positive emotions.

The Ace of Cups in a time based position

Past – The Ace of Cups in the Past position can represent a past event where you were passionate and creative. It could have been a time when you experienced a good feeling of ‘flow‘. Do you need something like this now? Think back to that past time and try to remember how you felt to further motivate yourself.

Present – The Ace of Cups in the present position means life is fine and well. Things are going to go well for the foreseeable near future. Don’t panic or worry if anything bad has just happened, treat it as a learning experience. You’re turning over a new lead.

Future – The Ace of Cups in the future position suggests a future struggle that you will overcome. Imagine yourself climbing a mountain, there is a struggle but so long as you continue upwards you will reach the reward. People often say it as a joke, but you only fail if you give up. Persistence is key.

The Ace of Cups in regards to life issues

Work / Education – The Ace of Cups in regards to work or education means a new leaf, a new start. You might land that job you always wanted, or possibly move a step towards that path.

Romance – The Ace of Cups in romance is a very good sign. Things will feel ‘new’ again. Do you want to be single? Do you want a new level of relationship, or a new relationship altogether? Any choice is possible. Many things that happen in a relationship seem like a big deal at the time, but when you really think over it, it’s nothing. Don’t blow things out of proportion.

Friends – The Ace of Cups in regards to friendship means things are going well. Don’t expect any arguments or gossip now or in the near future. It might be a good time to get into some deep conversations with your friends.

Money – The Ace of Cups in regards to finances is another good sign. This card really is positive. Are you looking for work or have things taken a bad turn? The Ace of Cups is a good sign, a new leaf that you are meant to turn over. Think outside the past paradigm of your life.

Health – The Ace of Cups is good when placed for health. Expect recovery and thought as clear as water.

Spirituality and Mentality – The Ace of Cups in spirituality means that now might be a good time to help and inspire others. Do you have any skills you can teach? Why not give it a try? Volunteering is also great for your well-being.

Numerology of The Ace of Cups

1 represents the beginning, creation and initial ideas. All aces symbolise this. The Ace of Cups strongly represents the beginning of an idea; a new project forming in your mind. It can also represent you taking the right path for your life. If you have many Aces in a reading, it is a strong indication that you are at the start of a new part of your life.

Keywords for the Ace of Cups

New emotions, crushes, love, bliss

Other associations of The Ace of Cups

Element: Water

As a Yes or No question: Yes

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