Nine of cups – Tarot card Meaning

Nine of Cups Tarot card

The Nine of Cups is the ninth card in the Cups suit. A positive card generally, the illustration shows a character sitting in front of a collection of 9 cups, proudly on display. His big grin and folded arms give us a sense of completion; he has achieved.

The Nine of Cups in a sentence

The Nine of Cups represents having your wishes fulfilled and getting what you want, especially in a material sense.

The Nine of Cups in a time based position

Past – The Nine of Cups in the Past position shows a past success; something you’re really proud of. It’s still affecting your life and thoughts. Achievements in life are what we all live for, whether it’s a new job or an exciting holiday or winning at a sport. Don’t stagnate on one thing and be known as the person who did ‘that’, you have to move onto bigger and better things always.

Present – The Nine of Cups in the present position means that it’s all going to work out. You might currently be struggling but remember if you don’t give up, you’ll succeed. Keep going. You’ll have something to be really proud of.

Future – The Nine of Cups in the future position shows you in the future. You might just be starting off on a project or course of study and having cold feet. Go with it and dedicate yourself.

The Nine of Cups in regards to life issues

Work / Education – The Nine of Cups in regards to work or education means things are finally going to start moving forward for you and you just have to wait for the signal to go. The card shows that you’re on the right path, you’re doing well.

Romance – The Nine of Cups in romance shows now is a good time to meet a prospective partner. Your confidence is going to be high and you’ll have much to talk about. Don’t be overly smug about it. Achievements are good conversation starters but don’t hang on to them for too long. Delve deeper.

Friends – The Nine of Cups in regards to friendship can mean that a small rift will form. Your friends might not feel as close to you, they may even feel uncomfortable around you now because you’ve done something that hasn’t fit into their paradigm of how they perceive you. Remind them, you’re still the same person. Do some of the things you used to do when you were just starting out.

Money – The Nine of Cups in regards to finances is a great sign. The nine of cups is great for material wealth, and you’re going to get it. Don’t expect something like a lottery win, but something longer lasting, a financial achievement you’ll remember for a while. This could be a pay rise, or a new job that pays more.

Health – The Nine of Cups should allay your health worries. If you’re waiting for a test, then it should be good news. Take care not to focus on your body too much and over-think things. You might be proud of how you look and feel, but make sure you aren’t hiding something that could be more serious.

Spirituality and Mentality – The Nine of Cups in spirituality reminds you not to focus on the material too much, even if you’ve come into some money or something expensive has entered your life. These things are tools and not objects to be venerated. Focus on your future on the winding path of your life.

Numerology of The Nine of Cups

Nine represents completion and resolution. The Nine of Cups in regards to numerology strongly suggests that your goals are going to be attained if you continue on this path, especially if your goals involve completing a collection, or finishing the final touch on that project. Many nines in a reading suggest that your current situation is coming to an end, and a new cycle is just around the corner.

Keywords for the Nine of Cups

Worldly pleasures, completing goals, fulfilment

Other associations of The Nine of Cups

Element: Water

As a Yes or No question: Yes

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