Justice Tarot Card Meanings

Justice Tarot card

Justice is numbered the eleventh Major Arcana card. Sometimes you can take it literally; someone is going to suffer retribution. Other times, you can see it as restoration; a wrong will be put right. Sometimes it can represent a decision you will make (you are the one to provide Justice, in this case).

Justice in a sentence

It represents Karma, Law, and Balance.

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Justice in a time-based position

Past – Justice in the Past position represents a past decision that is playing out now and currently affecting your life. It doesn’t mean that your choice was good or bad, just that it is currently affecting your motions. It usually represents large decisions like moving house, a new job, a new partner.

Present – Justice in the present position means you have a big decision ahead of you. Usually, we’re faced with decisions every day, but Justice means that your choice could affect other people a great deal and drastically change your life. Are you currently thinking about a new path to take?

Future – Justice in the future position means you are working towards a large decision. You might have to choose between two jobs or two partners. there will be enough time to think it over, but treat this as a forewarning.

Justice in regards to life issues

Work / Education – Justice showing in regards to work means that you should revise your current work/life balance. If all seems well, then have a look at your current workload in your workplace. are you working on one thing too much? Maybe it’s getting boring and you need a change, or maybe there is a way to spice up your current career with a little addition.

Romance – Justice in regards to romance is an odd one. If you’re single, you may very well have the choice of becoming someone’s partner soon. If you’re in a relationship, it could mean that you’re about to split up. Either of these, however, will be because of a mutual decision.

Friends – Justice reminds you to have a good balance in your life. Think about your friends and try to understand if any of them are toxic to your other relationships or other areas of your life. if anyone is a positive influence on your life, make sure to tell them!

Money – Justice is a lucky card in a way so it might be a good time to splash out on something that could be worth a lot more later. If you’re currently claiming some sort of compensation, this card is a good sign that you’ll receive what you’re owed.

Health – Justice reminds you to balance your life. Too much of anything is not good for you. Take a moment to look at your body and mind from another perspective. Are you treating your body and mind well?

Spirituality and Mentality – Justice represents balance. balance and equilibrium are cornerstones of many spiritual (and esoteric) practices. It’s a good time to consider the opposing view of what you currently believe.

Justice in Reverse

In reverse, Justice may reflect some dishonestly that is happening in your life, either from you or people you know. Somebody may be withholding the truth, or at least keeping something from you. Analyse any potential for deceit from your friends and family. It may also reflect something that has gone unpunished, which is negatively affecting your life.

Keywords for Justice

Karma , Balance, Truth, Responsibility, Legalities

Other associations of Justice

Element: Water

Astrology: Libra

As a Yes or No question: Not certain. If the question is moral, then Yes. Otherwise, no.

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