The Hermit – Tarot Card meanings

Tarot card - The Hermit

The Hermit is the 9th Major arcana card. It’s one of the more well known cards and has been used frequently in popular culture.

The Hermit in a sentence

The Hermit represents introspection, solitude and retreat.

The Hermit in a time based position

Past – The Hermit in the Past position represents prior solitude and rest after a long journey. You might have learned a big life lesson recently and you need time alone now to reflect.

Present – The Hermit in the present position means you’ve got to look within for answers. You know all you need, you just need to contemplate for a bit. Like an ancient astronomer trying to work out the fabric of the universe; you have all the tools you need, you just need to work on your own thoughts and perception.

Future – The Hermit in the future position means one of two things. You could have thought about what is troubling you for long enough to make a realisation and go on with your life, or you might be reaching this point very soon.

The Hermit in regards to life issues

Work / Education – The Hermit in regards to work or education means you need to hunker down and get on with it. You’ve learnt the theory, now is time to put it into practice.

Romance – The Hermit is not a good card in regards to romance. It might not be the right time to pursue any romantic relationships right now.

Friends – The Hermit in regards to friendship means much the same as romance. Working with like-minded people on a similar wavelength will always be good, however, but don’t push yourself to socialise.

Money – The Hermit in regards to wealth means that things will be much the same now as the near future. You have bigger things to worry about than finances.

Health – The Hermit could mean a few things in regards to health. If something is worrying you, and has for ages, be careful not to act like a hermit and not mention it to anybody. This could be a physical or mental problem you’re having. Talk about it and get a second opinion from somebody you trust.

Spirituality and Mentality – The Hermit show it is a good time to think about spirituality. Soul searching and self reflecting are things to consider doing.

Keywords for The Hermit

Solitude, wisdom, introspection, contemplating, review

Other associations of The Hermit

Element: Earth

Astrology: Virgo

As a Yes or No question:  Yes



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