The Moon – Tarot Card Meanings

Tarot card - The Moon

The Moon is the 18th Major arcana card. A well known Tarot card, showing as much duality in the rider-Waite illustration as it represents.

The Moon in a sentence

The Moon shows a lack of clarity; something you might be half-sure of or a concept you’re just grasping.

The Moon in a time based position

Past – The Moon in the Past position might mean that you’ve remembered something in the past incorrectly. It could be an event of how you have perceived a person. Have you just seen somebody recently after a long time? They’ve likely changed by now. Have you witnessed an event that is coming up in conversation now? Be careful not to exaggerate, even if it is human nature to.

Present – The Moon in the present position could mean that something is about to happen, or is currently happening that you can’t initially understand. Unlike The Fool, you aren’t completely ignorant. You might expect an outcome that won’t occur, or things might not go to plan. The key is a lack of clarity. We worry about the unknown. A fear of the dark is not a fear of a lack of light, it’s the fear of what you can’t see. You won’t ever see unless you go out there.

Future – The Moon in the future position may mean that you’re unsure of where your life is going. It isn’t an exaggeration to say that everybody feels this way, even the people with the most cemented views on life. You just can’t know. We perceive time linearly, this is a rule you cannot break. Spend less time worrying about the future and more time bettering the present. You are only ever here and it is only ever now.

The Moon in regards to life issues

Work / Education – The Moon in regards to work or education means that you might not be grasping the bigger picture of things. Don’t worry about your own perception; things are purposely being kept from you, or not being discussed generally. Ask around to see if there are any rumours floating around. in education, you may be doing worse or better off than you think you are. Ask a teacher or lecturer about how you think you’re doing and find areas to improve on.

Romance – The Moon in romance may indicate an argument, either ongoing or about to spark. It’s likely due to something being hidden from either of you. If a relationship is expected to last, you have to practice complete openness. What doesn’t bother you might bother your partner. The reverse is also true. Make sure you’re open with each other as much as possible. When you do argue, take some time to cool off. Don’t act instantly on emotion.

Friends – The Moon in regards to friendship really highlights the lack of clarity you may be feeling. Your friends may know something you don’t know, or they may be meeting up without you. Additionally, if you’re trying to block out a friend from your circle, he may have caught what you’re doing and mean to talk to you about it. There’s no point lying.

Money – The Moon in regards to finances means you might be a bit scared of your current financial situation. You need to be practical and logical and examine all of your incoming and outgoing money. Make sure nothing is being hidden from you. Check your bank statement, and check your pay-cheque to make sure nothing is staying hidden.

Health – The Moon, at face value in health, strongly suggests that a checkup with the doctor might be worth it, at least to put your mind at ease. You might have a minor condition now that can be stopped. If something is bothering you, don’t be afraid of the doctor. make sure you don’t overindulge. When we’re scared and unsure, it’s a reaction to start eating, due to the comfort provided.

Spirituality and Mentality – The Moon means now is a very spiritual time, and you might feel in touch with the world. Make sure you’re not led astray by anything and stay clear on your path.

Keywords for The Moon

Illusion, delusion, fantasy, hidden, deception

Other associations of The Moon

Element: Water

Astrology: Pisces

As a Yes or No question: No



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