The High Priestess Tarot Card Meanings

The High Priestess

The High Priestess is a card of the Major Arcana set and is all about patience, secrets, and knowledge. It is neither a positive nor negative card, in fact, many of the symbols on the face show balance; sitting beside Boaz and Jachin, with a Sun cross and Moon crescent.  You hold the tools required to continue, just give it time.

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The High Priestess in a sentence

The High Priestess tarot card symbolises balance and intuition and forethought before action. “Think before you act”

What does the High Priestess Mean For YOU?

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The High Priestess in a time-based position

Past – The High Priestess tarot in the past position shows a time in the past where you have had to be patient to proceed. Maybe all that time studying a dull subject, or waiting in a long queue for an important matter.

Present – The High Priestess in the present position suggests you should avoid conflict and action and ‘mull over’ the things you’re being told. They may just be an illusion, or, someone is telling you one thing but hinting on the bigger picture.

Future – The High Priestess tarot card in the future position represents possibly coming required patience or the unveiling of a secret that you might not be privy too, or will overhear.

The High Priestess in regards to life issues

Work / Education – The High Priestess could mean a lot in work. You could be slaving away when something could be done more easily or could be fully automated. You could use already existing methods to further increase your output.

Romance – The High Priestess card in regards to romance means that you might become more attractive to the opposite sex, especially if you are a female. The High Priestess balances masculine and feminine to a degree, but she is largely a female-oriented card.

Friends – There might be some tension in your group when the High Priestess shows in regards to Friendship. Don’t act on it, but observe all of the information and stay impartial until you can decide the most moral course of action.

Money – The High Priestess tarot card in regards to wealth means that something isn’t right. You might have unexpected money coming. Someone may be hiding something from you or you might have accidentally signed up to some sort of deal that will cost you more in the long run.

Health – Again obscurity, The High Priestess in regards to health means something may not be sitting right within the balance of your body. Are you eating okay and exercising well? If something feels like it is missing, try to fill the void with a healthy activity. If you are worried about anything, go to see your Doctor.

Spirituality and Mentality – This tarot card in regards to spirituality means you may be on the cusp of a new level of understanding. You have all the tools needed, you just need to observe to make sense of them.

The Meaning and Symbology of The High Priestess

The High Priestess is illustrated with an enormous array of western symbolism in the Major Arcana. Prominently displayed are Boaz and Jachin, the pillars from the Temple of Solomon, also present in Masonic learning and Qaballic study. To reinforce this, the Tree of life is displayed, though obscured, behind the priestess herself. She covers much, symbolising that she is the protector and custodian of these. Nothing is shown fully, other than the pillars. The obscured Torah in her hands again reinforces the Qaballic link.

The High Priestess Tarot in Reverse

Consider listening to your gut feeling more. Recently you may have felt that you were going against your instinct for whatever reason, whether this was something recently that you did which was morally wrong, or maybe you feel you are walking down an incorrect path. Introspection will usually lead us to our inner goals, thoughts, and feelings. When she appears in tarot readings she urges you to take some time to yourself to consider your life and look for help from those more experienced. If you find you have no time for yourself, then make yourself a priority.

Keywords for the High Priestess

Knowledge, Mystery, Wisdom, Feminine energy

Other associations of The High Priestess

Element: Water

Astrology: Moon

As a Yes or No question: Unclear, or, the question is not as straightforward as Yes and No.

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